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HAV – Electric Tractors for life!

Why we exist?
To reinvent farmers life.

Helping him grow by providing the latest technologies in a cost-effective way.

What do we do?
We create and innovate tractors/ agricultural vehicles.

Right from the inception of human-animal based farming to rainwater harvesting measures, use of high yielding varieties during the Green Revolution to solar pumps for irrigation, mechanised agriculture practices to numerous government initiatives and subsidies, agriculture is going through a significant transformation phase.

No doubt, active support is pouring generously from the public, business organisations, NGOs, government and others but a lot remains unaccomplished. Farmers are still experiencing decreasing per hectare yield, fragmented land holdings, sky-rocketing fuel prices, inadequate farm mechanisation, low income Vs high expenditure and other such issues. The private sector can prove to be a blessing in disguise for farmers by eradicating these problems through maximum capital investment, technological innovation, improved infrastructure and market access.

With this scenario in mind, the Proxecto and its team decided to take sincere efforts for improving farmer’s productivity and lives. They took a new decisive step in agricultural transformation with their affordable latest farming technology and gave a push to the next generation of tractors. The segment was chosen strategically as the farming vehicle is an axis where the entire life of farmers revolves.

A tractor is not just used on farms but also used as a transportation medium and a source of revenue with its diverse uses. With their relentless efforts and expertise, the future-ready hybrid agricultural vehicle (HAV) is now ready for mass production under the initiative of “Make in India” to redefine the face of the existing agrarian sector.

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