About us

HAV Tractors are the product of Proxecto.

Why we exist?
To reinvent farmers life in India

Helping him grow by providing the latest technologies in a cost-effective way.

What do we do?
We create and innovate tractors/ agricultural vehicles.

Established in 2015 as one of its own kind, multi disciplinary design firm. Proxecto has evolved as an "Out of the Box" solution for strategic and innovative design. We delivered carraro compact special tractor which was showcased in EIMA 2018 and in 2019 the tractor was nominated as tractor of the year Finalist.

Proxecto conceptualized HAV tractors in 2017 keeping in mind the challenges faced by Farmers to provide them a futuristic solution. Keeping the challenges in mind, the Proxecto team decided to elevate farmers' lives. They took a radical step in agricultural transformation with their affordable latest farming technology and created the next generation of tractors. The segment was chosen strategically as the farming vehicle is the axis where the entire life of farmers revolves. A tractor is not just used on farms but also used as a transportation medium and a source of revenue with its diverse uses. With their relentless efforts and expertise, the future-ready hybrid agricultural vehicle (HAV) is now ready for mass production under the initiative of "Make in India" to redefine the face of the existing agrarian sector. It is a big leap for the flagship government "Make in India" initiative as the path-breaking hybrid farming product made for Indian peasants and future agricultural requirements consists of around 90% native Indian technology.The innovation-driven and fuel-efficient hybrid agricultural vehicle (HAV) is a complete trendsetter due to its frugal technology and future adaptability into whole electric farm machinery along with it's self-sustainable and out-of-the-box features.

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